How to create a full-width slideshow gallery for Homepage.

Hi there :)

If you need to display a gallery slideshow as a homepage like in the demo page, here is how to do it:

1. Please navigate to "Gallery > Add New" , select the "Slider" Layout type and add some images from the "edit gallery" button.

2. Save the gallery with a proper name.

3. Navigate to "Pages > Add New", and select the template "Gallery Page", then a new post types will appear in the post. Use the "Select Gallery" drop down menu to choose the gallery you have just created.

4. Save the page with a proper name.

5. Navigate to Settings > Reading.

6. Mark "A static page", then choose the page you have just created for a static Front Page.

7. Done! :)

Useful information: You can also change the slide border color, frame color and cover color as presented in the demo page. For example, if you have a dark background image you will probably need to display white text in the header and the cover. Then just edit the image by the media section and search for the option "Set white header":

If market, it will automatically change the header and cover color when the image slides.